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Trial Proceedings

The Medical Crimes' Timeline shows only some of the documents, certificates and photographs used in (or hidden from) the trial of the People of California vs. Carlo Parlanti.

To access all the documentation of this Kafkaesque trial visit The People vs Carlo Parlanti.

2002-07-18 Rebecca McKay White's Pictures

There are many questions that arise spontaneously after taking a look at the pictures of Rebecca McKay White taken by the Ventura Police on July 18th, 2002, but the most important is: what makes a Policeman believe a person who claims to have been beaten to a pulp (literally with pools of blood everywhere) and who doesn't have not even a bruise on her?

Rebecca McKay White's Forearm

Why does a Policeman believe someone who claims she has two broken ribs and at the same time exposes the injured side with a movement of her arm which is literally impossible for someone who really has a fracture?

Why a Police Officer who has just heard from someone that she has lost hair by the handfuls and who has checked with his own eyes that the affirmation is a lie does not proceed immediately to arrest the perjurer?

Unfortunately, nobody, not even the journalists who have dealt with the case, addressed these questions to Mark Fullerton, John Reilly and Jody Keller, the heroic defenders of law and justice in the County of Ventura.

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2005-12-15 Mark Fullerton's Testimony

So the policeman himself who received Rebecca McKay White's complaint has not seen injuries to the face of the same woman who said she had been hit 30 times with her head against a pillar, another 30 against a wall, punched 10 times, kicked in the ribs more than 20 times, raped with a forearm and sodomized with one hand.

Why instead of immediately bringing the woman to the hospital to document the lack of injuries this cop has invited her to find a doctor to corroborate her stories?

What do Ventura cops do during more serious investigations, let's say murder or gang violence?

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2005-12-14 John Reilly's Testimony

So John Reilly saw no injuries on the face of Rebecca McKay White, no sign of a struggle in the apartment Parlanti and even no traces of blood, hair or else anywhere!

Yet White had just reported being slammed with her head against the walls of the house 60 times, slapped, punched and kicked, raped with a forearm and sodomized with one hand.

What is the reason that made Ventura cops close both eyes to the outright lies that were told by Rebecca McKay White (and verified objectively by themselves with inspections and photographs) and proceed with the persecution of the real innocent in this case, Carlo Parlanti?

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2005-12-15 Jody Keller's Testimony

Even the testimony of Policewoman/Photographer Jody Keller is a brilliant example of contradictions and conspiracy of silence.

She says that she remembers two small faded bruises, one on the forearm and one on the back, but then she admits that she could not identify them in the same photos taken by herself (see: 2002-07-18 Rebecca McKay White's Pictures) but, above all, she demonstrates that she has not even made arrangements with her colleagues Mark Fullerton and John Reilly.

But there's more: she testifies that her task was to document in detail all injuries detected on the body of Rebecca McKay White but then we discover that she only took pictures of the face, the forearm and the side of her and with no visible bruise. Nonetheless, the report of the Ventura Police (her colleagues Reilly and Fullerton) talks of violent banging of the neck against the walls (so much as to lose handfuls of hair from the nape itself), torn and bleeding nipples, rape with half a forearm and sodomy with a whole hand and then slaps, punches, kicks, pools of blood everywhere, strings tight around the wrists for whole nights ... an incredible sequence of sadistic torture, beatings and rapes.

And the photographic evidence of this massacre? well maybe the Cop/Photographer Jody Keller could not photograph what did not exist: at the end of the day already Reilly had testified that he had looked on White for the injuries she reported without finding them.

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2005-12-XX Rebecca McKay White's Testimony

It's difficult to classify the testimony of Rebecca McKay White in an area other than the wildly fantastic. Even if we remain relevant only to the strictly medical facts White has committed perjury over perjury recounting non-existent injuries, never shed blood, dislocated jaws that never were and even the absurd story of a skull fracture with loss of spinal fluid celebrate!

What is sure is that Rebecca McKay White saw in August Dr. Jeff Bivens to be issued a certificate that paints her with ecchymosis around the eyes, although one month before the Ventura Police took pictures of her without bruising around the eyes. Just as in November (and therefore as much as four months after the police photos) she saw Dr. Benjamin Fore to be examined and certified the presence of a very black eye.

Whilst it may be possible that the doctors have been deceived by Rebecca McKay White and that the woman injured herself to obtain these certificates (Fore should still explain how did he believe the existence of blacks eyes 4 months after a beating), which justifications can the Ventura Police claim? they took the pictures without bruises and later collected the medical reports proving the miraculous reappearance of these lesions!

Not many questions are left about the reasons which may have prompted District Attorney Gilbert Romero and Judge James T. Cloninger to hide all these certificates with their contradictions which prove the connivance of the Ventura Police and District Attorney.

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2002-07-19 Carlo Parlanti's Apartment Pictures

And many questions arise spontaneously even looking at the pictures that the Ventura Police made to document the search of Carlo Parlanti's apartment.

Living Room's Entrance Door


If Rebecca McKay White's head was really banged 30 times against this cork board why is the board still there and why the police has not seized and analyzed it? or... why hasn't the police seized or analyzed absolutely nothing in Carlo Parlanti's apartment?

Rebecca McKay White spoke about pools of blood in the bed, of porn on the computer, handfuls of hair pulled from her nape, in short, a real massacre. But the cops find everything in order and not only do they brings forward the complaint but absent-mindedly they forgot all crime scene procedures and did not collect any evidence!

If you feel that there has been a perverse prosecution intent do not forget that Rebecca McKay White is an Amerikan citizen while Carlo Parlanti is an Italian.

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Discovery Package 000664

With this letter, written by Rebecca McKay White in July 2004 and therefore immediately after Carlo Parlanti's arrest in Germany, we reach the ridiculous and confirm once more the love of perjury of this woman and the accomplice attitude of the physicians involved in the story (not to mention of course the obvious persecution intent of the Ventura Police and District Attorney).

Rebecca McKay White ricorda le sue lesioni al Dottor Troy Manchester

White invites Dr. Troy Manchester to lie and to remember details that never happened nor were recorded in the report sent by him to the Ventura Police (and signed not by him but by his assistant who happens to be also White's best friend).

Please read the certificate above and you will not find any mention of broken teeth (lie highlighted in yellow in the image above) and obviously neither of skull fractures or loss of fluids from the nose (lie underlined in red in the image above). Indeed, on page 000658 of the above report Dr. Troy Manchester get to the point of specifying that the patient has Nares patent, No drainage and, just below, that there are No oral lesions and the head is Atraumatic, just to remove any possible doubt of omission by inattention.

Finally, another lie involving another complacent physicians, in Oklahoma, and that we have highlighted in orange in the image above: check what noted by EB on August 9th 2002 and you will find that the doctor recommends first of all a vag exam and then writes that the patient didn't want me to make the appointment, she'll call when she is ready!

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