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Medical Crimes' Timeline

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Not one, but four different lawyers have refused to deliver to Carlo's family the documentation in their possession (the so-called discovery package) and it is perhaps for this reason that obtaining and checking this documentation was so important. The excuse was that Carlo's supporters would have probably released to the public this documentation impairing it's validity for the appeal, but in fact the most likely reason is that they themselves have come to realize how many, and whath level of, crimes were committed during the prosecution of Carlo Parlanti and tried desperately to avoid a direct conflict with Ventura's Judicial system and Police.

The fact is that in his determination Carlo continued to demand the documentation, even at the cost of two hunger strikes (the second of as long as 15 days). It was enough to get the photos, but the defense team continued to refuse to surrender the rest of the documentation (medical certificates, for example). It was necessary to adopt a stratagem and dismiss the last American attorney without hiring another one in order to force him to hand over the documents to the legal department of Prisoners of Silence in Italy.

The documents arrived in Italy in a horrible state (probably another attempt to muddy the waters), but Carlo's supporters and Carlo himself began to comb through; amongst them deserves mention Dr. Agnese Pozzi who later will produce the first of many experts' reports that will begin to highlight the absurdity of this trial-farce.

The Medical Crimes' Timeline in this section is the result of this painstaking analysis: the doctors involved were not one (as it was claimed during trial), but as many as eight, and many of them have committed acts that go well beyond the malpractice... they have knowingly committed ideological falsehood as you will see in the articles and experts' reports that we anticipate in this article and show in their entirety in the remainder of this section. Read on and be horrified:

Read more: Medical Crimes' Timeline

Articles Denouncing

Many journalists and doctors have denounced (some of them even formally) the doctors, complacent to say the least, that helped Rebecca McKay White in her false accusations and, of course, the colluted Police and District Attorney of Ventura.

Some of them have also taken inspiration by the timeline drawn in prison from Carlo and have published a book titled Medical Crimes' Timeline, edited by Prisoners of Silence.

Perhaps the best way to summarize this section, is using the words of Germano Milite The medical reports, which helped the American judges find Parlanti guilty, can be defined as real medical crimes, without the possibility of being disproved.

Francesca Maltagliati, Il Tirreno

Il Tirreno GelocalFrancesca Maltagliati
Il Tirreno

© March 31st, 2011 http://iltirreno.gelocal.it
"False exams regarding White". Doctors reported [to the Police - TN]

Doctor Jeff Bivens wrote in an August 16th, 2002, report that Rebecca White displayed bruises around the eyes, while the pictures of her taken by the police on the day of the report, July 18th, 2002, (twenty days after the alleged violence) do not show any hematomas.

Read more: Francesca Maltagliati, Il Tirreno

Fabio Polese, Il Sito di Perugia

Il Sito di PerugiaFabio Polese
Il Sito di Perugia

© March 14th, 2011 http://www.ilsitodiperugia.it

"Rape? Perverse trials. The Parlanti Case" is the title of an accusatory book... [which] accuses the Police and the District Attorney's office of utilizing falsified evidence and of concealing elements of innocence. It blames numerous doctors - not only from California - for producing false medical reports that were contradictory to the pictures taken by the police and other medical reports.

Read more: Fabio Polese, Il Sito di Perugia

Germano Milite, Julie News

JulieNews.itGermano Milite
Julie News

© March 6th, 2011 http://www.julienews.it

The medical reports, which helped the American judges find Parlanti guilty, can be defined as real medical crimes, without the possibility of being disproved. In addition, the doctors implicated in this incredible case of injustice have hidden themselves behind a mysterious but easily readable silence. In fact, how is it possible that a United States professional accused by the Italian press of falsifying and exaggerating medical reports of such importance, could not feel the need to swiftly and decisively clarify his position and his actions?

Read more: Germano Milite, Julie News

Francesca Maltagliati, Il Tirreno

Il Tirreno GelocalFrancesca Maltagliati
Il Tirreno

© February 10th, 2011http://iltirreno.gelocal.it

Just as an example, there is a 2005 letter from neurologist Neil L. Pugach of Neurological Associates of Hampton Roads in Chesapeake, Virginia, in which Rebecca McKay White is declared permanently disabled due to brain damage caused by a beating. But a few months prior, the neurologist himself performed an accurate examination on the patient, even with magnetic resonance imaging [MRI – TN], which culminated in "nothing remarkable". But the contradictions are many more and can all be found in the documents officially recorded [by the Ventura DA's office - TN].

Read more: Francesca Maltagliati, Il Tirreno

Paolo Signorelli, Giustizia Giusta

Giustizia GiustaPaolo Signorelli
Giustizia Giusta

© July 2010 http://www.giustiziagiusta.net

Are There Still Honest Physicians In America?

A short while back we brought to center stage a scandalous swindle perpetrated against the Social Security Administration by the neurologist Neal L. Pugach and his patient Rebecca White [see: Antonella Ricciardi, Rinascita]. In that article we outlined how Dr. Pugach initially signed three different documents certifying that his patient proved to be "OK", according to more than a dozen different tests and exams, (with the single exception of a thyroid dysfunction); later he wrote another document hiding the results of all the tests and exams performed, declaring the patient "disabled" (to let Ms. White pocket the Social Security benefits).

The seriousness of the crime committed and the fact that the supporting documentation had been provided by a California District Attorney left us disturbed: how could it happen? But above all, is this an isolated incident? To answer these questions we went deeper into the documentation related to the alleged aggression that would have caused the "permanent disability" of Ms. Rebecca White. It is worth being reminded that all of the evidence we examined, (medical or otherwise), carries in the bottom right corner the six-digit protocol number of the California District Attorney that investigated the "crime": who could ask for better?

We mentally braced ourselves for a surprise, but what we uncovered goes far beyond any of our wildest dreams! But let's proceed in order...

Read more: Paolo Signorelli, Giustizia Giusta

Antonella Ricciardi, Rinascita

RinascitaAntonella Ricciardi

© May 31st, 2010 http://www.rinascita.eu

Fraud Against The Federal Social Security Administration

The United States, a country with a justice system of ironclad rules, occasionally punishes over-zealously; but even in the U.S, sometimes there does not appear to be equal justice under the law. In fact, although the percentage of false allegations of violence is high (often made for the sake of obtaining financial gain), we almost always turn a blind eye to them, probably to safeguard the true victims…but what can be said about the conniving doctors? Recently, and with initial incredulity, we stumbled onto a case that, after careful analysis, seemed to belong precisely in this category; the case of neurologist Neil L. Pugach of Neurological Associates of Hampton Roads in Chesapeake, VA. In April of 2005, Dr. Freeman E.T. (also from Chesapeake), referred a patient of his to said neurologist, with a list of symptoms half a page long, all of which were attributed to an attack which she claimed had occurred three years earlier.

Read more: Antonella Ricciardi, Rinascita

Expert Reports Denouncing

It 's already very strange to see a doctor overreach and state that a colleague was wrong ... let alone sign a report defining the mistake intentional and the collegue an offender.

But incredible as it seems this is what we are facing when reading the expert opinions of Doctors Agnese Pozzi and Benedetta Guidi.

is the victim of lies, omissions and commissions of medical as well as legal nature is certainly a phrase unambiguous and commissions of medical nature are ideological crimes knowingly committed to distort the reality that one is certifying: in short, these doctors have not only signed the false but knowing it and, we might add, also knowing full well what the consequences would be for the poor man accused of having caused the false injury.

Not only that; as Dr. Guidi reminds us, the impossibility of the existence and attribution of certain injuries is, ironically, firmly confirmed by the Police and the District Attorney of Ventura who photographed the woman (well before the certificates were issued) and have since witnessed the non-existence of those injuries falsely certified by the fraudulent doctors.

For sure, after reading these reports and examining the photos and certificates, you will have no problem at all understanding why Judge James T. Cloninger had them excluded from the trial (read: concealed) to protect the District Attorney Gilbert Romero and Ventura County's institutions.

Dr. Agnese Pozzi

Dr. Agnese PozziDr. Agnese Pozzi
Consultant for the Court of Montenegro (PZ)

March 4th, 2011, tel +39 (0973) 22519, email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We have an ethical duty to denounce these specific crimes, beyond the trial irregularities; from a medical and legal point of view (a defendant's rights) these facts should have been examined in the court-room by an expert appointed by the judge, and this did not happen.

Carlo Parlanti is the victim of falsities, omissions and commissions of a medical as well as judicial nature, in addition to the folly of a betrayed woman.

Read more: Dr. Agnese Pozzi

Dr. Benedetta Guidi

Dr. Benedetta GuidiDr. Benedetta Guidi
Specialist in Forensic Medicine (PT)

tel +39 (338) 428-3994, email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

On the basis of such considerations, therefore, it is possible to state the absolute chronological incompatibility between the periorbital ecchymosis (“black eye”) detected by Dr. Bivens and the alleged trauma inflicted by Carlo Parlanti.

Such injuries, ascertained during the examination, necessarily must have an origin subsequent to the reported blows of June 29th, 2002.

In addition, no injuries were reported at the time of the police report on July 18th, 2002, as proved by the photographs taken at such time by the police detectives, nor at the time of the first medical examination performed by Dr. Manchester on July 22nd, 2002, whose report is silent in regards to such injuries.


In this open letter Dr. N. Pugach refers to a permanent and progressive cognitive deterioration, without possibility of improvement, of such seriousness as to impede any work–related activity. Such deficit is connected, by the doctor, to the domestic violence suffered by the patient, even though during previous visits the same [doctor - TN] had certified the absence of neurological alterations, not only on the basis of the clinical examination (“she is alert and fully oriented with intact attention and concentration language, and recent and remote recall”), but above all because of the neuro-imaging exams (cranial-encephalic MRI with and without contrast dye) performed, which resulted devoid of any notable pathologies. The same [doctor - TN] had simply diagnosed a chronic migraine with contemporary dysthyroidism (pathologies not connectable to the alleged violence). Moreover, we highlight that the doctor never prescribed any specific medication for the cognitive defects, but only for the migraine.

Read more: Dr. Benedetta Guidi

Trial Proceedings

The Medical Crimes' Timeline shows only some of the documents, certificates and photographs used in (or hidden from) the trial of the People of California vs. Carlo Parlanti.

To access all the documentation of this Kafkaesque trial visit The People vs Carlo Parlanti.

2002-07-18 Rebecca McKay White's Pictures

There are many questions that arise spontaneously after taking a look at the pictures of Rebecca McKay White taken by the Ventura Police on July 18th, 2002, but the most important is: what makes a Policeman believe a person who claims to have been beaten to a pulp (literally with pools of blood everywhere) and who doesn't have not even a bruise on her?

Rebecca McKay White's Forearm

Why does a Policeman believe someone who claims she has two broken ribs and at the same time exposes the injured side with a movement of her arm which is literally impossible for someone who really has a fracture?

Why a Police Officer who has just heard from someone that she has lost hair by the handfuls and who has checked with his own eyes that the affirmation is a lie does not proceed immediately to arrest the perjurer?

Unfortunately, nobody, not even the journalists who have dealt with the case, addressed these questions to Mark Fullerton, John Reilly and Jody Keller, the heroic defenders of law and justice in the County of Ventura.

Read more: 2002-07-18 Rebecca McKay White's Pictures

2005-12-15 Mark Fullerton's Testimony

So the policeman himself who received Rebecca McKay White's complaint has not seen injuries to the face of the same woman who said she had been hit 30 times with her head against a pillar, another 30 against a wall, punched 10 times, kicked in the ribs more than 20 times, raped with a forearm and sodomized with one hand.

Why instead of immediately bringing the woman to the hospital to document the lack of injuries this cop has invited her to find a doctor to corroborate her stories?

What do Ventura cops do during more serious investigations, let's say murder or gang violence?

Read more: 2005-12-15 Mark Fullerton's Testimony

2005-12-14 John Reilly's Testimony

So John Reilly saw no injuries on the face of Rebecca McKay White, no sign of a struggle in the apartment Parlanti and even no traces of blood, hair or else anywhere!

Yet White had just reported being slammed with her head against the walls of the house 60 times, slapped, punched and kicked, raped with a forearm and sodomized with one hand.

What is the reason that made Ventura cops close both eyes to the outright lies that were told by Rebecca McKay White (and verified objectively by themselves with inspections and photographs) and proceed with the persecution of the real innocent in this case, Carlo Parlanti?

Read more: 2005-12-14 John Reilly's Testimony

2005-12-15 Jody Keller's Testimony

Even the testimony of Policewoman/Photographer Jody Keller is a brilliant example of contradictions and conspiracy of silence.

She says that she remembers two small faded bruises, one on the forearm and one on the back, but then she admits that she could not identify them in the same photos taken by herself (see: 2002-07-18 Rebecca McKay White's Pictures) but, above all, she demonstrates that she has not even made arrangements with her colleagues Mark Fullerton and John Reilly.

But there's more: she testifies that her task was to document in detail all injuries detected on the body of Rebecca McKay White but then we discover that she only took pictures of the face, the forearm and the side of her and with no visible bruise. Nonetheless, the report of the Ventura Police (her colleagues Reilly and Fullerton) talks of violent banging of the neck against the walls (so much as to lose handfuls of hair from the nape itself), torn and bleeding nipples, rape with half a forearm and sodomy with a whole hand and then slaps, punches, kicks, pools of blood everywhere, strings tight around the wrists for whole nights ... an incredible sequence of sadistic torture, beatings and rapes.

And the photographic evidence of this massacre? well maybe the Cop/Photographer Jody Keller could not photograph what did not exist: at the end of the day already Reilly had testified that he had looked on White for the injuries she reported without finding them.

Read more: 2005-12-15 Jody Keller's Testimony

2005-12-XX Rebecca McKay White's Testimony

It's difficult to classify the testimony of Rebecca McKay White in an area other than the wildly fantastic. Even if we remain relevant only to the strictly medical facts White has committed perjury over perjury recounting non-existent injuries, never shed blood, dislocated jaws that never were and even the absurd story of a skull fracture with loss of spinal fluid celebrate!

What is sure is that Rebecca McKay White saw in August Dr. Jeff Bivens to be issued a certificate that paints her with ecchymosis around the eyes, although one month before the Ventura Police took pictures of her without bruising around the eyes. Just as in November (and therefore as much as four months after the police photos) she saw Dr. Benjamin Fore to be examined and certified the presence of a very black eye.

Whilst it may be possible that the doctors have been deceived by Rebecca McKay White and that the woman injured herself to obtain these certificates (Fore should still explain how did he believe the existence of blacks eyes 4 months after a beating), which justifications can the Ventura Police claim? they took the pictures without bruises and later collected the medical reports proving the miraculous reappearance of these lesions!

Not many questions are left about the reasons which may have prompted District Attorney Gilbert Romero and Judge James T. Cloninger to hide all these certificates with their contradictions which prove the connivance of the Ventura Police and District Attorney.

Read more: 2005-12-XX Rebecca McKay White's Testimony

2002-07-19 Carlo Parlanti's Apartment Pictures

And many questions arise spontaneously even looking at the pictures that the Ventura Police made to document the search of Carlo Parlanti's apartment.

Living Room's Entrance Door


If Rebecca McKay White's head was really banged 30 times against this cork board why is the board still there and why the police has not seized and analyzed it? or... why hasn't the police seized or analyzed absolutely nothing in Carlo Parlanti's apartment?

Rebecca McKay White spoke about pools of blood in the bed, of porn on the computer, handfuls of hair pulled from her nape, in short, a real massacre. But the cops find everything in order and not only do they brings forward the complaint but absent-mindedly they forgot all crime scene procedures and did not collect any evidence!

If you feel that there has been a perverse prosecution intent do not forget that Rebecca McKay White is an Amerikan citizen while Carlo Parlanti is an Italian.

Read more: 2002-07-19 Carlo Parlanti's Apartment Pictures

Discovery Package 000664

With this letter, written by Rebecca McKay White in July 2004 and therefore immediately after Carlo Parlanti's arrest in Germany, we reach the ridiculous and confirm once more the love of perjury of this woman and the accomplice attitude of the physicians involved in the story (not to mention of course the obvious persecution intent of the Ventura Police and District Attorney).

Rebecca McKay White ricorda le sue lesioni al Dottor Troy Manchester

White invites Dr. Troy Manchester to lie and to remember details that never happened nor were recorded in the report sent by him to the Ventura Police (and signed not by him but by his assistant who happens to be also White's best friend).

Please read the certificate above and you will not find any mention of broken teeth (lie highlighted in yellow in the image above) and obviously neither of skull fractures or loss of fluids from the nose (lie underlined in red in the image above). Indeed, on page 000658 of the above report Dr. Troy Manchester get to the point of specifying that the patient has Nares patent, No drainage and, just below, that there are No oral lesions and the head is Atraumatic, just to remove any possible doubt of omission by inattention.

Finally, another lie involving another complacent physicians, in Oklahoma, and that we have highlighted in orange in the image above: check what noted by EB on August 9th 2002 and you will find that the doctor recommends first of all a vag exam and then writes that the patient didn't want me to make the appointment, she'll call when she is ready!

Read more: Discovery Package 000664

Concealed Medical Reports

Many of the medical reports that were part of the documentation in the hands of the District Attorney of Ventura, California, (the so-called "discovery package") were concealed and forcibly kept out of the trial.

The content of these reports makes it immediately clear why Judge James T. Cloninger and District Attorney Gilbert Romero concealed them becoming accomplices in the crimes of falsification of trial evidence committed by Rebecca McKay White and her complacent doctors.

To access all the documentation of this Kafkaesque trial visit The People vs Carlo Parlanti.

Discovery Package 000656-663

The first problem observed in the documentation provided by Dr. Troy Manchester to the Ventura Police is that it is not signed!!! Or rather, if you look at the end of the report, highlighted in red, you'll see that all signatures are missing including that of Dr. Troy Manchester but then, sifting through the rest of the documentation, we find the signature of Tavita Hurtado in the release sheet and the initials of Kanika Smith in the billing section (both highlighted in yellow).

As shown in detail by Dr. Benedetta Guidi, how could the Ventura Police issue a warrant of arrest on the basis of documentation that is not signed? And most of all, given the huge internal contradictions of this report, is it really authored by Dr. Troy Manchester? Do not forget that at least one of the assistants of Dr. Troy Manchester, Kanika Smith,is coincidentally best friends with Rebecca McKay White.

 Where is Troy Manchester's signature?

Reading the objective examination of the report you will discover the biggest internal contradictions (the diagnosis does not agree at all with the observations) and external contradictions (it seems that the Dr. Manchester who testified at the trial is not the same person who made these objective observations. As the police noticed already 4 days before, the skin and eyes are completely free of injury or bruising, yellow in the picture below, but even more important all the dramatic injuries recounted to half the world by Rebecca McKay White (jaw dislocated, skull fractures, loss of cerebral spinal fluid, etc ...) are explicitly refuted in the objective examination of this doctor in the part highlighted in orange in the picture below. 

It is really difficult at this point to continue to wonder why Judge James T. Cloninger and District Attorney Gilbert Romero hid this documentation and forcibly kept it out of the trial proceedings.

 Is there something wrong with Rebecca McKay White?

But there is even worse: how could Dr. Troy Manchester make a diagnosis of contusion of the back and domestic violence (unfortunate victim of recurrent and severe domestic violence nontheless) when he himself, in red in the image above, observed a back without edema, bruises nor visible deformities? With what courage this illustrious professional diagnostics two broken ribs and then observes, still in red, that there are no problems to the chest, breathing is normal and even manages to beat it to auscultate? 

Remember Rebecca McKay White's picture, taken by the Ventura Police, where she raises her arm higher than her head to lift her shirt and show her side (which, moreover, appears without bruises)? Have you never seen a person whith two ribs broken a week before (or two depending on the different versions of Mrs. White) raise like that the arm on the exact same side of the rib fractures? 

Is there anyone in California who doesn't lie?

Read more: Discovery Package 000656-663

Discovery Package 000671

This clinical note from August 9th, 2002, annotated again on September 5th, shows again (if it was needed) how Rebecca McKay White has repeatedly lied to the doctors and the Ventura Police and Court.

Still more lies by Rebecca Mckay White

Comparing the note highlighted in orange with the letter sent from Rebecca McKay White to Dr. Troy Manchester, one can observe how White lies about her refusals to undergo specialist visits (gynecological or other) ... obviously she has always refused to undergo visits that would easily highlighted her lies, but the she tries to justify theserefusals in many different, colorful ways.

But there is more, much more: at trial Rebecca McKay White will recount, along with all other horrors, being bitten on both nipples to the point of laceration, with even the bleeding of the left one. As you can see in the note, highlighted in red, White has undergone a mammogram that found a benign cyst exactly in the area where there should have been the lacerations. Since the first phase of such an exam is a local palpation, it seems highly unlikely that she had any tear from human bites to the left nipple and that the doctors didn't care about them. 

Another one of the many inventions (mandibles dislocated, skull fractures, loss of cerebral-spinal liquid, etc.) of a woman who, at this point, is really difficult not to define a psychopath.

Read more: Discovery Package 000671

Discovery Package 000673-674

Dr. Jeff Bivens's Crime

Thre are basically two "impossibilities" (or better crimes) that can be found in the certificate issued by Dr. Jeff Bivens on August 16th 2002 (highlighted in yellow and red in the image and that can be verified in the complete document below):


If the Police photographed the woman without bruising to the face on July 18th, 2002 how is it possible for some bruising (consequence of the alleged assault at the end of June, or the beginning of July, depending on the version) to happear in August?

Dr. Benedetta Guidi explained it very well in her expert report denouncing these crimes:

On the basis of such considerations, therefore, it is possible to state the absolute chronological incompatibility between the periorbital ecchymosis (“black eye”) detected by Dr. Bivens and the alleged trauma inflicted by Carlo Parlanti.
Such injuries, ascertained during the examination, necessarily must have an origin subsequent to the reported blows of June 29th, 2002.
In addition, no injuries were reported at the time of the police report on July 18th, 2002, as proved by the photographs taken at such time by the police detectives, nor at the time of the first medical examination performed by Dr. Manchester on July 22nd, 2002, whose report is silent in regards to such injuries.


Dr. Jeff Bivens has been made aware of the "torture and sexual assault" invented by the twisted minds of White ... but then how does he justify a rape with the entire forearm in a woman to whom both ovaries and uterus have been removed as long as 20 (twenty) years before?

This last "contradiction" would deserve to be taken as the plot for a soap opera If it hadn't costed the life, affects and career of the brilliant Italian manager!

Finally a curiosity (just to avoid calling it yet another perjury) in orange: why the hell does a woman with two fractured ribs on her right side of the rib cage prefer to lie on her right side?? 

Read more: Discovery Package 000673-674

Discovery Package 000665

These notes are from the first meeting, which took place on September 23rd, 2002, between Rebecca McKay White and Dr. Benjamin Fore.

Rebecca McKay White refuses all specialist exams

The only significant thing that we can see, highlighted in orange in the image above, is that whenever doctors worry about the horror stories told by Rebecca McKay White and offer specialist exams, she systematically refuses!

Read more: Discovery Package 000665

Discovery Package 000668-670

Request to Dr. Robert Patzkowsky for medical treatment provided to Rebecca White as a result of a crime happened on July 12th, 2002.

Read more: Discovery Package 000668-670

Discovery Package 000666

This medical note has been drawn up by Dr. Benjamin Fore on November 5th, 2002. If the medical report issued by Dr. Jeff Bivens on August 16th, 2002 is absurd, as it tries to prove the existence of bruises on the face of Rebecca McKay White as long as one month after the Ventura Police confirmed with pictures and testimony that the woman had no black eye, this medical note by the hand of Dr. Benjamin Fore can only be described as paradoxical: it tries to affirm that on November 5th of the same year, that is as much as 4 (FOUR) months after the Police pictures, Rebecca McKay White would have a very black eye (emphasis in the document and you can see it highlighted in red in the image below).

very black eye resulting from being beat up in Ju

As if that was not enough, the upstanding Dr. Benjamin Fore also attests to the nature of the injury and puts it in writing that the very black eye is due to the beating suffered in Ju (the copy is incomplete but can only be in June or July); we repeat 4 (FOUR) months prior to the visit. 

Many journalists and TVs have tried to contact Dr. Benjamin Fore to have him explain the miracle of these bruises which appear again not only four months after an alleged beating, but above all three months after a Police department verified even with photographs that there were no bruises on the face of Rebecca McKay White. Dr. Benjamin has obviously always refused in abstentia... thus defending his sacred right to invent out of the blue medical observations to endorse the false accusations of his patients: Congratulations Dr. Fore, congratulations! 

Read more: Discovery Package 000666

Discovery Package 000667

Another medical note, by the hand of Dr. Benjamin Fore, on December 23rd, 2002. This time Dr. Fore simply records generic itching and rashes from head to toe.

Read more: Discovery Package 000667

Discovery Package 000917-920

In April 2005, that is exactly when Germany decides to extradite Carlo Parlanti, Rebecca McKay White begins again to present symptoms due to the alleged beatings of three years before and this after a complete medical silence of two years and four months.

The medical history recorded from Neurologist Dr. Neil L. Pugach (to whom Rebecca McKay White was referred from Dr. Tom Freeman) is absolutely shocking, especially when compared with the objective findings in the medical report from Dr. Troy Manchester on July 22nd, 2002. The doctor and the woman now give for granted rhinorrea, skull fracture, dislocation of the jaw, etc.. Obviously it is hard to believe that such a Neurologist as Dr. Neil L. Pugach would believe to a skull fracture with internal bleeding that resolved spontaneously or believe that a colleague would leave to the free will of the patient whether or not to see a specialist in the presence of such a fracture (shoudn't there be a mandatory hospitalization with a skull fracture bleeding within the skull?). 

The fact is that after collecting the history, with its endless list of symptoms, the Neurologist proceeds with a careful observation of the patient by making dozens of tests and examinations... and all these examinations and tests are negative! By the way, remember that this report is addressed to Dr. Tom Freeman and is therefore a professional communication between a specialist and the doctor who referred a patient. 

Everything OK with Ms. Rebecca McKay White

As you can see above highlighted in green, all the symptoms reported by Rebecca McKay White were refuted one by one from the normal neurological tests such as finger-to-nose with eyes closed and heel-knee. Yet the lady lamented lack of balance, disorientation and dizziness. And below Pugach reports the results of an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and an EEG (Electroencephalogram) that have certainly been performed to assess the residual consequences of the skull fracture and bleeding inside the skull with loss of cerebral-spinal fluid from the nose. But we already know what to expect because we have already seen the objective observations made by Dr. Troy Manchester who, two weeks after the alleged assault, did not record any of the injuries that Rebecca McKay White has invented out of the blue for all other doctors.

And this is the reason why Neurologist Neil L. Pugach concludes by expressing his concerns with a phrase that leaves no room for doubt: I'm really not sure how to put all this together at this time (in red above). He also requests other exams to try to give an explanation for the symptoms of the woman; he especially requests another MRI, this time with contrast dye (dye injected into the bloodstream to highlight the blood capillaries), because let's face it: skull fractures do not disappear and MRI are made just to observe them. 

The migraine declarations by Rebecca McKay White

We also ask you to pay attention to two particular points of the medical history (here above in yellow) and to keep them in mind for a comparison to be done later with Discovery Package 000906. The patient tells the doctor that she had suffered from migraines since she was 30 and that the disorder was even present in her family history. The patient also informs the doctor that she had had a hysterectomy that we know goes back to twenty years before the medical report signed by Dr. Jeff Bivens... keep that in mind. 

Read more: Discovery Package 000917-920

Discovery Package 000916

A telephone conversation between Rebecca McKay White and Neurological Associates of Hampton Roads on May 23rd, 2005.

Read more: Discovery Package 000916

Discovery Package 000915

That of May 23rd, 2005 is the second report submitted by Neurologist Neil L. Pugach to Dr. Tom Freeman about the investigations on the physical conditions of Rebecca McKay White. We have to say that Dr. Pugach is seriously investigating the complaints of the patient: the new blood tests are normal, MRI with contrast dye (contrast enhanced MRI scan) finds no sign of skull fracture, bleeding inside the skull and loss of cerebral-spinal fluid from the nose (we would be surprised by the opposite situation seen the completely a-traumatic situation recorded by Dr. Troy Manchester on July 22nd, three years earlier). Along with this exams, which we have highlighted below in green, we have also highlighted a visit with an ophthalmologist, even this negative.

It's really impossible to find something wrong with Rebecca McKay White

But why an exam by an ophthalmologist? Well, if we read the rest of the report we find that Neurologist Neil L. Pugach is planning to have Rebecca McKay White take an endocrinological exam (in orange above): obviously this respected professional is beginning to suspect that the dizziness and balance problems in White are due to poor eyesight and hormonal problems! 

He is also planning a stress electrocardiogram and an evaluation of sleep (also in orange).

One thing is for sure: Neurologist Neil L. Pugach has stopped completely to talk with Dr. Tom Freeman of any traumatic consequence of criminal origin. In fact, as you can see highlighted in red in the image above, quietly admits that when it comes to the episodes of disorientation (getting lost) he does not have a good explanation. 

Read more: Discovery Package 000915

Discovery Package 000914

A telephone conversation between Rebecca McKay White and Neurological Associates of Hampton Roads on June 27th, 2005.

Read more: Discovery Package 000914

Discovery Package 000913

A telephone conversation between Rebecca McKay White and Neurological Associates of Hampton Roads on June 28th, 2005.

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Discovery Package 000912

Finally, in the report of July 21st, 2005 Neurologist Neil L. Pugach reaches an eureka moment and announces to Dr. Tom Freeman that, although the endocrinologist has not suggested starting an hormone treatment for Rebecca McKay White, she also had a gynecological examination and the doctor has recommended Synthroid (a thyroid synthetic hormone) as we highlighted in green in the image below.

Finally an eureka moment for Neil L. Pugach and Tom Freeman

Immediately after Pugach recommends Freeman to see White to discuss her hormonal problems, obviously caused by the more than twenty years old, surgically induced, menopause caused from having had a total hysterectomy in 1982 seen as they are now highlighted by a gynecologist, and the daily nausea problems. 

Eureka ... finally something that doesn't work with Rebecca McKay White!

Have you noticed how nobody is talking anymore, obviously, of assaults, rapes, torture, kicks to the head, rapes and sodomy with forearms and hands? So far it seems that what happened between April and July of 2005 is the latest attempt from Rebecca McKay White to accumulate medical records damaging Carlo Parlanti to turn to the District Attorney of Ventura. It's no coincidence that the symptoms of Rebecca McKay White started again two years and four months after the last medical report was filed and, coincidentally, just immediately after Germany's decision to extradite Carlo Parlanti to Ventura, California.

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Discovery Package 000911

A telephone conversation between Rebecca McKay White and Neurological Associates of Hampton Roads on July 25th, 2005.

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Discovery Package 000910

A telephone conversation between Rebecca McKay White and Neurological Associates of Hampton Roads on September 12th, 2005.

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Discovery Package 000906

And finally, here is a letter of the esteemed Neurologist Neil L. Pugach dated November 23rd, 2005 and addressed To Whom it May Concern. Of all the medical crimes that we have documented in this timeline this is probably the most cold, calculated, horrible in his evil; also because this letter was prepared on the eve of the trial against Carlo Parlanti and therefore had only the purpose to swing and influence the trial. Certainly District Attorney Gilbert Romero was more than happy to show this letter to Judge James T. Cloninger who, as he demonstrated during the trial, drunk it up completely!

But let's see the contents: Pugach begins by summarizing the horrible tortures and rape suffered by White highlighting the worst physical consequences for the poor victim. He starts, as you can see in the comparison below, with the spinal fluid leak from her nose (indicating a fracture of the base of the skull). Didn't he himself evaluate not one but two negative MRIs while looking for these mysterious fractures? And anyway, why did he lie hiding even to have made these exams at all?

Lie To Whom it May Concern Lie To Whom it May Concern
Truth for Dr. Tom Freeman

Truth for Dr. Tom Freeman

Truth for Dr. Tom Freeman


The Neurologist Neil L. Pugach states that one of the consequences of the severe beating was the onset of strong migraines... but wait a moment, are we wrong or in his first report he discovered that Rebecca McKay White suffered from migraines since the age of 30? and even that migraine was part of her family history?

Lie To Whom it May Concern Lie To Whom it May Concern
Truth for Dr. Tom Freeman

Truth for Dr. Tom Freeman
Truth for Dr. Tom Freeman


For Neurologist Dr. Neil L. Pugach now Rebecca McKay White has cognitive impairements, such that she would lose things and then she has difficulty making chang in a store, difficulty understanding directions, disturbances with her speech, and she bumps into things. She has considerable short-term memory loss, although very little problems with long-term memory.

But he was the one to state in his first report that She is alert and fully oriented with intact attention and concentration, language and recent and remote recall. Not to mention the balance and station tests... loses her balance? bungs into objects? how can a doctor lie so blatantly knowing full well that he will send to prison a poor innocent? 

Even worse: please note the sophistication of the lie. Rebecca McKay White has problems with short-term memory but not with long-term... of course, otherwise she could not testify about what happened three years prior. Congratulations Dr. Neil L. Pugach you thought of everything; not only you changed your mind in comparison with your own observations of a Rebecca McKay White with intact recent and remote recall but you do it in a way to preserve her possibility to witness and destroy the life of Carlo Parlanti.

Lie To Whom it May Concern Lie To Whom it May Concern
Truth for Dr. Tom Freeman

Truth for Dr. Tom Freeman
Truth for Dr. Tom Freeman


And finally Neurologist Neil L. Pugach masterpiece: Based on this history provided to me to by the patient, and my experience in practicing neurology for the last 17 years, I have no doubt that the patient has suffered a substantial traumatic brain injury as a result of the beating she received, and has permanent brain deficits, causing the above mentioned symptoms. Because the symptoms have gone on for this long, it is not medically probable that there will be any significant improvement in these symptoms over time. Therefore, I consider her to have permanent major deficits in her overall functioning due to the injuries she sustained from this beating. I believe that these deficits are severe enough to preclude her from being able to perform any kind of work in the future.

What happened to the tests and exams conducted and meticulously reported to Dr. Tom Freeman? What happened to the diagnosis reported by Neil L. Pugach to the same Dr. Freeman? How can a doctor who has pronounced an Hippocratic oath lie so blatantly? How can a medical professional steal the life of an innocent man inventing this kind of report and signing the exact opposite of what he has attested before? 

Lie To Whom it May Concern Lie To Whom it May Concern
Truth for Dr. Tom Freeman

Truth for Dr. Tom Freeman

Truth for Dr. Tom Freeman

Truth for Dr. Tom Freeman


Talking about signatures: many professionals and journalists (even RAI [the Italian State TV - TN]) have tried to get explanations from Neurologist Dr. Neil L. Pugach about the incredible statements signed by him, but Pugach has always denied. This has raised in us a suspicion we honestly had before and that is that Rebecca McKay White (or some accomplice of her in Dr. Neil L. Pugach's office) may have forged the letter that the District Attorney Gilbert Romero used to influence Judge James T. Cloninger and get him mad at Carlo Parlanti. Well, let's do this: we leave this up to you as an exercise; look at the signatures of the various documents in the image below!

Signature To Whom it May Concern Signature To Whom it May Concern
Signatures for Dr. Tom Freeman

Signatures for Dr. Tom Freeman

Signatures for Dr. Tom Freeman

Signatures for Dr. Tom Freeman


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