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CDCR - Prisoner, Teacher, Janitor, MAC Secretary

Dusseldorf, Germany / Ventura - Wasco - Avenal, California from July 2004 to February 2012

Carlo Parlanti - CDCR - Prisoner, Teacher, Janitor, MAC Secretary

Common sense would require prisons to be corrective and rehabilitating places and obviously work should play a big role in their strategy... unfortunately there are uncivilized countries like Germany and the United States which won't agree.

During my 7 and a 1/2 years captivity for a false allegation of rape lodged by an American ex-girlfriend, I had little opportunities to work and absolutely none to rehabilitate myself (assuming I needed rehabilitation from being the victim of a judicial conspiracy): for the first 5 years all I was allowed to do was pray and meditating (that is when they didn't seize my I Ching paper sticks alleging that they could be used as weapons).

At the end of 2009, beginning of 2010 I was used as a teacher in a PC Rudiments class organized to give some clerical and technical skills to few lucky ones (the class was for 27 inmates in a 1,400 people yard). When the IT Unit of CDCR discovered that I actually knew something about computers they decided that I represented a risk in that role and prohibited me from ever touching a computer again (precluding therefore also other clerical positions).

The following year I was therefore employed (if a paycheck of $14 dollars per month can be called employment and not slavery) as a janitor; it's famous the way in which CDCR deceived the Italian Consulate telling them not to worry about my physical conditions since my job involved mainly paperwork. As I later told the Consul, it did in fact involve paperwork but not the one they were referring to :-)

During the last year of my captivity my fellow prisoners demonstrated their respect by choosing me for the role of Secretary of the Men's Advisory Committee; we were playing a buffer role between the inmates and the guards. It gave me the possibility to learn more about CDCR's rules and regulations and also to achieve some little attainment for the prison population.

Office Services Students Management User Documentation

Developed to automate the management of courses, classes, tests, votes and certificates for the Office Services class. It was initially used from the two supervisors in charge of OSRT for yard 3 and then was adopted by the other prison yards.

Download the document

Resource Locator User Documentation

Developed as a volunteer to prove my worthiness as a computer expert.

Download the document

This sample outpup proves that it was still used at the end of 2011 to print out resources for the parolees before their release from prison.

Download the document

CDCR - Prigioniero, Insegnante, Uomo delle Pulizie, Segretario MAC