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Full Resume

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Pubblica X Me - Senior Consultant

Montecatini, Italy, from February 2012 to Now

Carlo Parlanti - Pubblica X Me - Senior Consultant

Pubblica X Me [Publish 4 Me - TN] is a lean organization made of committed technical experts with more than twenty years of experience.

As Senior Consultant for Pubblica X Me I am in charge of CMSs implementation (Joomla!, WordPress, Drupal) and customizations. Most of the templates, plugins and modules used by the company are my own design.

The PXM policy of Full Cycle Control, which involves hosting customers sites with separate production, test and development environments requires the full use of my expertise in the Linux/GNU world. I started my learning experience in the Unix environment as early as 1994 with IBM classes on their own Unix flavor: AIX.

I am now fully proficient with most of the production quality distributions of Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, etc.) as well as the entire LAMP environment. 

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CDCR - Prisoner, Teacher, Janitor, MAC Secretary

Dusseldorf, Germany / Ventura - Wasco - Avenal, California from July 2004 to February 2012

Carlo Parlanti - CDCR - Prisoner, Teacher, Janitor, MAC Secretary

Common sense would require prisons to be corrective and rehabilitating places and obviously work should play a big role in their strategy... unfortunately there are uncivilized countries like Germany and the United States which won't agree.

During my 7 and a 1/2 years captivity for a false allegation of rape lodged by an American ex-girlfriend, I had little opportunities to work and absolutely none to rehabilitate myself (assuming I needed rehabilitation from being the victim of a judicial conspiracy): for the first 5 years all I was allowed to do was pray and meditating (that is when they didn't seize my I Ching paper sticks alleging that they could be used as weapons).

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CNG Hotels - Manager, Information Technology

Kenmare, Ireland, from April 2004 to July 2004

Carlo Parlanti - Manager, Information Technology

Manager of the Lodgings 4 U business unit of CNG Hotels, reporting to the VP of sales.

Duties involved managing the eCommerce strategy of the company through the specialized business unit Lodgings 4 U which was mainly composed of Information Technologies and Search Engine Optimization experts.

The imminent floating of CNG Hotels in the London Stock Exchange required an improvement in the search engine visibility of the properties offered by CNG and their related sales. This is the reason why CNG Hotels acquired, together with my expertise, the license for my CMS DynaHTML and my ETL Tool ODBCFace: they were key to the technical success of the entire operation.

The business unit was operating all around Europe using advanced tele-commuting and collaboration tools.

CNG Hotels - Responsabile Information Technology

BISCA - Chief Executive Officer

Gibraltar, Gibraltar, from July 2003 to March 2004

Carlo Parlanti - BISCA - Chief Executive Officer

BISCA as a company name was born in a strange Canadian/South African souvenirs shop in London: that's were we had the idea to join the nationalities of the founding partners to come out with a name.

As Chief Executive Office I had the duty to open up shop in Gibraltar and supervise the day to day operations. This on top of expanding the company's assets from around 200 to more than 1,600 marketing web sites in less than a year, with a lean staff and a lot of technology (including my very own CMS DynaHTML and ETL Tool ODBCFace).

At the top of success BISCA became the third largest affiliate of Hotels.com (at the time the largest online hotel retailer) and one of the largest for Expedia.com. Other marketing areas for BISCA included flights reservations, parking, villas and hostels reservations and even internet hosting.

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Freelance - Senior Consultant

Naples, Italy, from August 2002 to June 2003

Carlo Parlanti - Freelance - Senior Consultant

Designer for the release of the Interfacing tool ODBCFace for Microsoft Excel.

ODBCFace is an ETL tool (Extraction, Transformation, and Loading). It completely removes the need to learn the ins and outs of an ETL tool by using your current working knowledge of Microsoft® Excel with it's thousands of transformation formulas.

ODBCFace is an Excel Add-in that allows ERP users to upload and download information between Excel and ERP system, legacy databases or XML data providers with "canned" scripts. Using a simple scripting language, an option can be added to the Excel menu bar. Additionally, you can embed SQL statements and map Excel cells (or named ranges) to fields in ERP systems, legacy databases or XML pages.

Designer for the release of the Apache Add-In DynaHTML.

DynaHTML is a Content Management System that provides the automation and delivery of large web sites made up of static HTML pages and optimized for Search Engines.

DynaHTML architecture is based on Apache, PHP programming (using Smarty templating techniques) and MySQL for data repository.

Using DynaHTML I’ve been able, during the last 6 months of 2003, to automate 5 large e-commerce portals of which 2 based on the aggregation of 380 and 280 satellite sites.

Indipendente - Consulente Senior

Dole Food Company - Manager, I.T. Support

Westlake Village, California, from November 2001 to August 2002

Carlo Parlanti - Dole Food Company - Manager, I.T. Support

Manager for the implementation of Strategic Sourcing and Logistics systems in Dole Food Company.

Conducted, in collaboration with Deloitte Consulting, a study to identify three waves of future initiatives in the eSourcing and eProcurement arena using a BI tool built in house and external benchmarking. The study has been approved senior management. and includes recommendations on tools and techniques for RFXs, auctioning, contract management and systems integration.

Responsible for the implementation in Dole Food Company of the first area of Business Intelligence. The implementation involved the creation of regional teams to reclassify and extract procurement information according to UNSPSC standards (United Nations Standard Products and Services Classification). The transmission tool adopted was ipNet and the reporting system Cognos (Oracle on HP) through a Plumtree corporate portal. Achieved reporting of 92% of worldwide leverageable spenditure with 85% vendor identified after 4 months from the go-live date.

Dole Food Company - Responsabile Supporto I.T.

Dole Fresh Vegetables - Project Manager

Salinas, California, from April 2001 to October 2001

Carlo Parlanti - Dole Fresh Vegetables - Project Manager

Project Manager for the implementation of J. D. Edwards’s modules in Dole Fresh Vegetables.

Responsible for the completion of a Conference Room Pilot to prototype the worldwide consolidation of purchasing information according to UNSPSC standards. The CRP required an extensive use of Rapid Application Development techniques to comply with the required implementation schedule as well as enhanced conferencing tools to pull together participants from four different continents.

The CRP was completed successfully within 6 weeks with great satisfaction for the Steering Committee (and the CRP team itself) and only minimal internal costs.

Dole Fresh Vegetables - Responsabile di Progetto

Dole Fresh Vegetables - Project Manager / Data Center Manager

Salinas, California, from July 2000 to March 2001

Carlo Parlanti - Dole Fresh Vegetables - Project Manager / Data Center Manager

Project Manager for the implementation of a J. D. Edwards Manufacturing solution in Dole Fresh Vegetables.

The implementation includes Equipment and Plant Maintenance and some of the remaining J. D. Edwards Manufacturing modules. I supervise multiple teams, composed of individuals from the MIS department and the user community, throughout the various phases of the implementation (super-users training, conference room pilot, final-users training and go live support).

Data Center Manager with responsibility for the support of four different hardware platforms (AS/400, S/36 Emulation on AS/400, S/390 and HP9000). Duties Involve supervising System Programmers, Data Base Administrators and System Operators to provide 24 by 7 operations in a complex and demanding environment.

Responsible for the implementation of a VPN solution (Virtual Private Network) for Dole Fresh Vegetables. The architecture is based on CISCO and NOKIA equipment with VPNet encryption and authentication software. The network supports Dole Fresh Vegetables E-Commerce initiatives and has replaced RAS based remote connectivity (Remote Access Server).

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Dole Fresh Vegetables - Project Leader

Salinas, California, from April 1998 to June 2000

Carlo Parlanti - Dole Fresh Vegetables - Project Leader

Project Supervisor for the implementation of a J. D. Edwards Distribution and Manufacturing solution in Dole Fresh Vegetables.

The first phase of the project included Inventory and Procurements and was completed by the second quarter of 1999. Duties involved supervising a Core team composed of individuals from the MIS department and the user community as well as training and advising the team itself as well as the final users. The second phase was delayed due to the merger of a Fresh Fruit division with Dole Fresh Vegetables.

Project Supervisor for the integration of the Dole Fresh Fruit Division into Fresh Vegetables. The integration included six Information systems (Citrus California, Citrus Florida, S. & J. Ranch, Deciduous, Chilean and Dole Northwest) on four different hardware platforms (AS/400, S/36 Emulation on AS/400, HP9000 and Windows NT) and was successfully completed in four months.

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