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First Grade Michele's Confirmation All the Brothers Barbed Wire Febbraio 15th, 2012, Fiumicino

First grade (People Square fountain in Montecatini Terme)

Micha's confirmation (Borgo a Buggiano's church)

Those happy days before the false accusations (at the Mighty Duck in Monterey)

The barbed wire around Avenal's hell

The return to Italy... but the nightmare is all but finished

Welcome to the New CarloParlanti.it

CarloParlanti.com in May 2006In September 2005 a group of volunteers, who called himself "the girls of the blog", armed himself with FrontPage (and patience) and drew the first skeleton of this site dedicated to the Kafkaesque history of the  Italian manager Carlo Parlanti, convicted in the county of Ventura in California as a result of false accusations and the use of fraudulent certificates and documentation.

As the name suggests, this group of volunteers had already edited a blog dedicated to this latest example of American injustice, but now the commitment was becoming more intense. Soon all this effort will give light to the non-governamental organization Prisoners of Silence which continues today to address specifically the defence of the human rights of Italians held abroad.

In April 2006, after the shocking sentence for Parlanti to nine years in prison for things that never even happened, they added another site dedicated this time to host and make public all the documentation of this trial-farce. The new document repository was called The People vs. Carlo Parlanti, taking inspiration from the typical formula used in American trials. Carlo had never been in prison and, according to the laws of California, he should at least have received the minimum sentence... Instead Judge James T. Cloninger, at the request of the Attorney Gilbert Romero, gave him the maximum sentence just to punish the arrogance with which he was highlighting the corruption of the Californian judicial system.

Carlo is back among us since February 15th, 2012 and, of course, he dedicated himself immediately to begin new legal battles against all the crimes committed during his persecution, but he also begun to study to recover the eight years of technological development that were stolen from him by the California justice. He first built the website of the International Association Victims of Judicial Errors, chaired by the attorney Luciano Faraon who is also the lawyer who is following the complaints mentioned above, then he renewed the site of Prisoners of Silence to better match the high moral and social commitment of this NGO.

Now it's finally time to rebuild also the site dedicated to him and to raise awareness of the crimes committed by Rebecca McKay White (the woman who has invented a rape that never happened), by doctors who signed fraudulent certificates for her and by the Ventura District Attorney and Police who concealed these crimes, probably to hide their incompetence... even at the cost of the life of an innocent.

Read more: Welcome to the New CarloParlanti.it


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