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Dr. Agnese Pozzi

Translation in English of the expert report:

Dr. Agnese PozziDr. Agnesina Pozzi
OdM Potenzan. 1622
Via San Rocco 22 Sc.C
c/o Studio Ciancio Ferruccio
Lagonegro (PZ) 85042
P.IVA 01279530768

Phone +39 (0973) 22519 Mon-Thu morning
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Enrolled in the Guild of Medical Consultants for the Court of Lagonegro (PZ)
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Subject: False documents and medical reports related to the Parlanti case.

Given that Rebecca White continually changed the date of the alleged violence as follows:

  1. At the beginning she made the violence go back to July 6th, 2002 and presented her first police report on July 18th, 2002
  2. She then went back home, consulted a calendar and, the following day, called the police back stating that she was wrong and she had suffered the violence on June 29th
  3. Afterwards, while filling in a medical questionnaire in a Center for Abuse Victims, she wrote that she had suffered the violence on July 12th and, in this judicial hodgepodge, nobody ever asked why this continuous changing of dates and versions. Even the most elementary rights were denied Carlo Parlanti, including the possibility to consult a medical expert in order to evaluate the declaration of White and the multiple medical reports produced; there were numerous liabilities, both omissive and commissive, involving the physicians and obvious falsifications, verbal and in documents, committed by the doctors themselves and/or the employees of their offices.

1) Dr. Neil Pugach

The report 000918-000919, signed by Dr. Neil Pugach, states that the objective examination is completely normal, as well as all the parameters examined; he notes that an MRI of the brain, without contrast, performed on February 25th, 2004, does not show any alteration; the same is true for an EEG performed on February 25th, 2005.

Dr. Pugach himself authored a letter (report 000906) on November 23rd, 2005, in which he stated that he had been following the patient's progress since April 20th, 2005 and, when he saw her for the first time, she told him that three years prior she had been severely beaten up and beaten in the head, with loss of consciousness twice within 5 minutes; that she was in shock and leaking spinal fluid from the nose (therefore indicating a fracture at the base of the skull). Afterward, she developed an ever-worsening migraine; then she described fatigue, sleep depravation, vertigo and equilibrium problems. She also complained about cognitive difficulties and misplacing objects. Pugach kept following her progress until November 2005 and White added more symptoms like difficulty shopping, understanding directions, language disturbances and confusion, loss of recent memory and slight problems with long term memory, making it impossible to perform tasks for long periods of time because of her vertigo and equilibrium problems. In addition he stated that, based on his 17 year long neurological experience, he had no doubt that the patient had a serious traumatic cerebral concussion following the blows and a permanent cerebral deficit; that the symptoms will not get better and that the traumatic deficit, due to the blows, had become so serious as to render her incapable of any work in the future.

The statements in the letter are in deep conflict with the neurological exams conducted by the doctor himself (report 000918 and 000919): there are no pathological signs, there are no Romberg's signs and all the reflexes are intact. She displays an active mental level, is fully oriented with intact attention and concentration; as intact are her language, recent and remote memory.

How can a neurologist observe certain characteristics and then report a completely different diagnosis? There is, without any doubt, an ideological and material falsehood.

2) Dr. Benjamin Fore

Rebecca White provided at least four different dates for the abuse. She kept continuously changing the date based on the interviewer.

The police (Detective Jody Keller), after Rebecca White's report (made on July 18th, 2002), took pictures of her that are perfectly normal 12 days after the alleged trauma (Rebecca in that instance stated that she suffered it on July 6th). There was no "black eye" and it is all documented by the pictures that are irrefutable!

But Dr. Fore, on November 5th, 2002, 4 full months after the police report, wrote (report 000666) that White had headaches and pain on the right side of the rib cage, that "she has two broken ribs and a very black eye resulting from being beaten up". Dr. Fore's statements are in conflict with the documentation obtained by the police itself in the aftermath of the alleged beating. Even if Rebecca had brusing in the ocular region, following the alleged trauma, it would have been impossible for the bruises to remain for 4 months. Dr. Fore, therefore, is lying.

3) Dr. Troy Manchester

On July 22nd, 2002 (report 000658) Dr. Troy Manchester of the Doctors on Duty clinic, where Kanika Smith (intimate friend of Rebecca White) works, prepared a report stating that her skin was intact, that there were no visible rash or remarkable lesions; that the sclera were white and clear, that the nares had no type of drainage, that the head was atraumatic, that the chest was normal and expanded symmetrically without effort (one can assume without pain... therefore without recent rib fractures... otherwise, during the percussion of the chest, Rebecca would have felt pain, as she also would have during normal respiratory movements); even the posterior region is devoid off all at the objective examination: there are infact no rashes, swellings or other signs nor are there any neurological signs... in a patient that declares to have lost consciousness twice in 5 minutes and that will complain about false neurological problems... after three-four years from the alleged trauma!

Dr. Troy Manchester also received the declarations of the patient about the beating, documenting the rib fractures that, although recent (according to the patient), showed radiological signs of bone callus that does not develop for 3-4 months after a trauma. There was no mention, even from the patient, of dental fractures, but Rebecca White will, in the future, "remind" the doctor of things she did not suffer... exactly one year after the exam, she reminded him that she "suffered" dental fractures, spinal fluid drainage from her nose and a dislocated jaw.

In report 000662, which is the billing report, one can read the initials of Rebecca White's friend; KS stands for Kanika Smith. She wrote what follows in the diagnosis (maybe to inflate the bill):

  • 922.31 Contusion of Back – FALSE because it doesn't appear in the objective examination
  • 920 Contusion, face/head – FALSE for the same reason as above
  • 786.50 Chest Pain, NOS – FALSE because during the visit thefact does not emerge and is not reported
  • 807.00 Closed fracture of rib(s), unspecified – THE FRACTURES ARE REAL BUT THEY DATE TO A PERIOD PRIOR to the alleged TRAUMA, according to the bone callus detected in the x-rays!

Therefore these two documents state that a completely normal person, without any external signs of trauma and without current traumatic problems (Dr. Manchester's examination), left the clinic with a completely made up diagnosis, with the exception of the fractures dramatically attributed to the alleged beating, but that were radiologically proven to have occurred at least 3-4 months before the alleged beating. The alleged beating would have occurred approximately on July 6th (the date changed multiple times according to the interviewer) and the x-rays were made on July 22nd, 2002, making it completely impossible to detect bone callus in such a short time!

4) Dr. Jeff Bivens

Rebecca White provided at least four different dates for the abuse. She kept continously changing the date based on the interviewer.

The police (Detective Jody Keller), after Rebecca White's report (made on July 18th, 2002), took pictures of her that are perfectly normal 12 days after the alleged trauma (Rebecca in that instance stated that she suffered it on July 6th).

But there were no "black eyes" and this is completely documented.

However, one month after the police's photos, Dr. Jeff Bivens wrote a report (report 000673) where he stated that Rebecca White had "ecchymosis around the eyes where she was punched". In this report Rebecca added to her story a dislocated jaw, a completely new fact, but her sick fantasy doesn't stop! There is another detail in the examination that proves the falsity of White's declarations: He stated that she "prefers to lie down on her right side" notwithstanding the fractured ribs on her right side!

This inevitably confirms that the fractures could absolutely not be dated to the time of the alleged beating (one month) but had to be from a previous event and already ossified, like the x-ray exam confirms.

Therefore there are only two possibilities: either Doctor Jeff Bivens has lied, since there are no ecchymosis around the orbs, or Rebecca White procured the lesions herself in some other way and drove Dr. Bivens to produce a fake report and to attribute it to the alleged domestic violence.


We have an ethical duty to denounce these specific crimes, beyond the trial irregularities; from a medical and legal point of view (a defendant's rights) these facts should have been examined in the court-room by an expert appointed by the judge, and this did not happen.

Carlo Parlanti is the victim of falsities, omissions and commissions of a medical as well as judicial nature, in addition to the folly of a betrayed woman.

In Science and Consciousness

Lagonegro, March 4th, 2011

Doctor Agnesina Pozzi
Via San Rocco 22 sc.C
c/o Studio Ciancio Ferruccio
Lagonegro (PZ) 85042


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Dr. Agnese Pozzi

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