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Expert Reports Denouncing

It 's already very strange to see a doctor overreach and state that a colleague was wrong ... let alone sign a report defining the mistake intentional and the collegue an offender.

But incredible as it seems this is what we are facing when reading the expert opinions of Doctors Agnese Pozzi and Benedetta Guidi.

is the victim of lies, omissions and commissions of medical as well as legal nature is certainly a phrase unambiguous and commissions of medical nature are ideological crimes knowingly committed to distort the reality that one is certifying: in short, these doctors have not only signed the false but knowing it and, we might add, also knowing full well what the consequences would be for the poor man accused of having caused the false injury.

Not only that; as Dr. Guidi reminds us, the impossibility of the existence and attribution of certain injuries is, ironically, firmly confirmed by the Police and the District Attorney of Ventura who photographed the woman (well before the certificates were issued) and have since witnessed the non-existence of those injuries falsely certified by the fraudulent doctors.

For sure, after reading these reports and examining the photos and certificates, you will have no problem at all understanding why Judge James T. Cloninger had them excluded from the trial (read: concealed) to protect the District Attorney Gilbert Romero and Ventura County's institutions.

Dr. Agnese Pozzi

Dr. Agnese PozziDr. Agnese Pozzi
Consultant for the Court of Montenegro (PZ)

March 4th, 2011, tel +39 (0973) 22519, email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We have an ethical duty to denounce these specific crimes, beyond the trial irregularities; from a medical and legal point of view (a defendant's rights) these facts should have been examined in the court-room by an expert appointed by the judge, and this did not happen.

Carlo Parlanti is the victim of falsities, omissions and commissions of a medical as well as judicial nature, in addition to the folly of a betrayed woman.

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Dr. Benedetta Guidi

Dr. Benedetta GuidiDr. Benedetta Guidi
Specialist in Forensic Medicine (PT)

tel +39 (338) 428-3994, email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

On the basis of such considerations, therefore, it is possible to state the absolute chronological incompatibility between the periorbital ecchymosis (“black eye”) detected by Dr. Bivens and the alleged trauma inflicted by Carlo Parlanti.

Such injuries, ascertained during the examination, necessarily must have an origin subsequent to the reported blows of June 29th, 2002.

In addition, no injuries were reported at the time of the police report on July 18th, 2002, as proved by the photographs taken at such time by the police detectives, nor at the time of the first medical examination performed by Dr. Manchester on July 22nd, 2002, whose report is silent in regards to such injuries.


In this open letter Dr. N. Pugach refers to a permanent and progressive cognitive deterioration, without possibility of improvement, of such seriousness as to impede any work–related activity. Such deficit is connected, by the doctor, to the domestic violence suffered by the patient, even though during previous visits the same [doctor - TN] had certified the absence of neurological alterations, not only on the basis of the clinical examination (“she is alert and fully oriented with intact attention and concentration language, and recent and remote recall”), but above all because of the neuro-imaging exams (cranial-encephalic MRI with and without contrast dye) performed, which resulted devoid of any notable pathologies. The same [doctor - TN] had simply diagnosed a chronic migraine with contemporary dysthyroidism (pathologies not connectable to the alleged violence). Moreover, we highlight that the doctor never prescribed any specific medication for the cognitive defects, but only for the migraine.

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