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Paolo Signorelli, Giustizia Giusta

Giustizia GiustaPaolo Signorelli
Giustizia Giusta

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Are There Still Honest Physicians In America?

A short while back we brought to center stage a scandalous swindle perpetrated against the Social Security Administration by the neurologist Neal L. Pugach and his patient Rebecca White [see: Antonella Ricciardi, Rinascita]. In that article we outlined how Dr. Pugach initially signed three different documents certifying that his patient proved to be "OK", according to more than a dozen different tests and exams, (with the single exception of a thyroid dysfunction); later he wrote another document hiding the results of all the tests and exams performed, declaring the patient "disabled" (to let Ms. White pocket the Social Security benefits).

The seriousness of the crime committed and the fact that the supporting documentation had been provided by a California District Attorney left us disturbed: how could it happen? But above all, is this an isolated incident? To answer these questions we went deeper into the documentation related to the alleged aggression that would have caused the "permanent disability" of Ms. Rebecca White. It is worth being reminded that all of the evidence we examined, (medical or otherwise), carries in the bottom right corner the six-digit protocol number of the California District Attorney that investigated the "crime": who could ask for better?

We mentally braced ourselves for a surprise, but what we uncovered goes far beyond any of our wildest dreams! But let's proceed in order...

July 18, 2002

Ms. Rebecca White reports that, two weeks prior, she had been assaulted and raped by her ex-boyfriend (later, she changed the date to three weeks prior). The police take pictures of the alleged victim that clearly show no bruising on her face on that date [see 2002-07-18 Rebecca McKay White's Pictures].

July 22, 2002

To convince the police of the veracity of her allegations, Ms. White consults the employer of her best friend, Dr. Troy Manchester. In the documentation of the exam, the doctor specifies that Ms. White has no trauma to either her head or face [see Discovery Package 000656-663].

August 16, 2002

Ms. Rebecca White is examined by Dr. Jeff Bivens of the "Ardmore Wellness Center" in Ardmore, OK. The physician highlights "ecchymosis around the eyes where she was punched". In addition to the black eye, the physician notices "no swelling" and "no battle signs" [see Discovery Package 000673-674].

Hold it right there! Where did these black eyes suddenly come from? When Ms. Rebecca White went to the police on July 18, 2002, there was no bruising. As though the pictures are not enough, the detectives who interviewed Ms. White testified, during the trial against her alleged aggressor, that she did not have any visible injuries to her face
[see 2005-12-15 Mark Fullerton's Testimony, 2005-12-14 John Reilly's Testimony and 2005-12-15 Jody Keller's Testimony]. On the contrary, after her first declaration, in which she reported an assault on July 6th, Ms. White has back-dated the entire episode to June 29th, with the explicit goal of giving ample time for the bruises to disappear! Alright, let's allow, for argument's sake, that the black eyes actually were there at some point; how is it possible for the black eyes to disappear on command in front of the police, only to reappear miraculously after a month, in time for the examination by Dr. Jeff Bivens?
Shocked? Well, there's worse, and all we have to do to find it is keep digging...

November 5, 2002

Ms. White continues being examined at the Ardmore Wellness Center, but it looks like she's now being followed by Dr. Benjamin Fore. In a handwritten note originating from Dr. Fore's office, we read: "has 2 broken ribs & very black eye resulting from being beat up in Ju__" (we can not discern if "Ju__" means June or July) [see Discovery Package 000666]. Notice that the underlining of the word 'broken' and 'black' are in the original document.

Hold it right there! No, you're not experiencing a déjà vu: this is the second time that we pause, perplexed, in the face of the facts. The miraculous black eye now makes yet another appearance... this time from a distance of four months. Now... even if we were to concede that Dr. Fore was unaware that Ms. White had been photographed by the police and examined by his colleague Dr. Manchester (both events having happened three months prior, in July), how can a physician, in good faith, maintain that there could be residual ecchymosis around the eyes of a "victim" four whole months after an alleged attack?

Obviously the two self-styled doctors have tried to help Ms. Rebecca White construct a false allegation of domestic violence and rape, unfortunately with success.

Or, alternatively, Ms. White has injured herself before the medical examinations in an effort to convince the two doctors to validate her lies.

Of the two hypotheses we tend to favor the former, (conniving doctors), especially because when we tried to interview Dr. Jeff Bivens and Dr. Benjamin Fore, asking them for clarification regarding the medical documents which they themselves signed, both physicians refused in absentia.

We have also tried to contact Ardmore Wellness Center, still with the goal of obtaining clarity into this horrible situation, but even from them... no answer. We know that Dr. Vittorio Zingales and my self, (the same ones reporting the crimes of Dr. Neal L. Pugach), have presented a petition to the medical board and authorities of Oklahoma regarding the dubious certification made by Dr. Bivens and Dr. Fore, but at the time of this writing we had no knowledge of any official action related to the case.

And so we ask ourselves... are there still honest physicians in America?

Paolo Signorelli

Paolo Signorelli, Giustizia Giusta

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